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August 15th, 2017

8/20 MATTS-ROTY Double Bong ABR WI Championship is cancelled due to unfinished road construction on 142

Congratulations Racers on your Fine Performance in the following WI-IL Series.
View the pdf for each series.

2016 Overall Award Winners of TOI/W - Tour of Illinois & Wisconsin.

2016 Overall Award Winners of MATTS - Mid America Time Trial Series.

2016 Overall Award Winners of ROTY - Rider Of The Year.

2016 Awards Banquet November 5, 5pm, Rolling Green Country Club, Arlington Heights, IL, must reserve seat by Nov 3.
Flyer here:
Online register here:

MATTS - ROTY 2016 Series begins this Sunday January 10 with the ABD Indoor Time Trial Series, Flat course, racing on Computrainers.
Held at Winfield Central Elementary School, 0S150 Park St. 5 year age groups (under 15 to 90+) and ability categories (1/2, 3, 4 cat 5 race age group). Only $25, 18 and under $15.

Race flyer here. mail/day of Entry waiver here. Online registration here:

Need an entry form: Click on Forms button, then click on Entry and Accident Waiver/Liability Release.
The form has been revised. Below your signature and date you will find:


Race Class Entered ___________. Your racing age & category listed on your racing membership/license card _________.


For Race Class Entered write in the Ability Category number or Age Group or Age Group/Ability Category you are entering. (See Event race flyer for race classes). (ex. Cat 1/230-39Women Cat 340+ cat 4/5, Junior 16-18

For Your racing age & category listed on your racing membership/license card _________.

This number is listed on your ABR membership card. If new to racing this will be 5. If you are a member of another bicycle racing organization this number will be listed and we will accept. (ex. Cat 1 - 74, Cat 5 - 20)

TIP: When you pick up your number at registration ask what ability or age category they registered you into.
TIP Two: PLEASE print your name clearly so we can read it correctly. You do not want all the glory to go to some unknown person who is a figment of the typists imagination.
TIP Three: Stick around and take a gander at the results to be sure you are listed.
Lastly: Thanks for coming to the races, we surely enjoy the competition.

All organized bicycle, du-athlon, running, tri-athlon races, actually all sporting events including those events held with ABR have Event Insurance. ABR requires, landowners require, cities & towns require Event Insurance or permission will not be granted to hold the event on their land, in their city or town or with ABR.

Time Trial Etiquette:
1. Be at event minimum 1 hour before your start time.
2. Pick up your race number when you arrive.
3. Check your race class is correct at number pick up.
4. Pin number on correctly, Officials need to see it clearly.
5. Use Toilets, be they out house, portable, or fancy indoor.
6. Wearing Clothes in public is mandatory for all participants.
7. Be at Start line ON TIME - 10 min before your start time.
8. If your late to start your time is running.
9. Need a new start time ask Registration.
10. Ride on the right side of road, not in the middle, not on left side, not in the ditch.
11. When you finish, do not screech to a halt, the rider behind you needs time to slow down.
12. Have the Time of Your Life.

I'm the owner of Focal Flame Photography, and wanted to thank you for putting a link on the ABR site to our photo gallery from the 2011 KIrke Vei TIme Trial organized by the Mad City Velo Club. We really appreciate the support from the cycling community. Photo sales are key in allowing us to continue event photography for cycling, including time trials. 

ABR members might be interested in other galleries from cycling events:
And there is a separate set of galleries for cyclocross that includes coverage of several races in 2011 and 2010:

Finally, I was honored recently to have a photograph I took at the 2010 MATTS Finale TT selected for exhibition at the National Art Museum of Sport in Indianapolis, IN. You can read more about it here:

Thanks again for the support, and for all that you do to support cycling in our region.
Clint Thayer
Owner and Photographer, Focal Flame Photography LL

For your convience the following ABR forms can now be filled out online and printed. You may also save a blank for future ABR events.

Rider/Official Membership form.
Entry form.
Event Appilcation form.
Event Request for Third Party Insurance form.

Pics from ABR Banquet
Jeff Littman, you will be sadly missed....

ABR is now on Facebook

ATTENTION CLUBS!! If you have new jerseys or your contact information has changed: e-mail, web links, phone #'s, etc.., please contact Also, if your club is defunct, please let me know so I can remove it. Thanks.
So you are going to a Bicycle Race. First time? Second year? Or been there decades. Have a great fun time, be competitive using your skills to place well. Race wise and safe.

Here are some simple courteous rules:
No Bare bottoms, keep it to yourself, do it in the car or rest room, bare bottoms will be DQ.
No Litter Bugs take your trash, banana peels, apple cores, orange peels, gooey wrappers, water bottles, tissues & diapers home with you or place in garbage can. Use Toilets not the area around the toilet, behind a building, next to your car or at a tree, your a human not a puppy. Human puppies will be DQ no matter how old or young. No Fouls users of foul language, threats, striking or attempting to strike and knocking a person down are DQ offenses. Beware GPS satellite security cameras are watching every where!!

"Climbing the Category Ladder" by Mike Ebert

Voytek Glinkowski Artist and ABR Racing member
You Tube Art film here
And, go here to see more paintings by Voytek.

Remember to Renew Your American Bicycle Racing License


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