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American Bicycle Racing is a Grass Roots Bicycle Racing organization formed to promote bicycle racing with a variety of programs to assist the Bicycle Race Promoter and Racer.

American Bicycle Racing roots began with many discussions by the “3 Originals” Nestor Evancevich (a Super District Representative), Rudy Seno (GSLAM Racing Club and MATTS Founder), and Sue Hefle (Capitol Velo Club and Race Official). Other Event Promoters and Racers with similar vision were brought into their meetings to form an Organization to help Promoters and Racers locally and nationally.

ABR is most grateful to “Founding Mothers” Terry Campbell, Sue Hefle, Elaine Nekritz and Mary Evancevich and Andrea Harris who volunteered many hours and business knowledge to make ABR come to life and grow the first few years.

Services American Bicycle Racing offers include race sanctions, including race insurance to promoters, membership licenses, ongoing educational services, grants and quality racing. What separates American Bicycle Racing from any other cycling organization is ease of access and dedication to grassroots cycling.

Memberships cost $25 (annual fee). Junior Memberships (18 and under, annual) cost $10.
In addition there are one day Memberships (trial membership) which will cost $5. This concept is for entry level racers who may like to "test the water". An ABR Membership will allow you to participate in road, track and off-road events (cyclo-cross and mountain bike). One Membership does it all - coach, official, mechanic and rider.

The biggest question seems to be, "will an American Bicycle Racing license and licenses from other bicycling organizations be interchangeable?"; no, they will not except for the following: ABR is a member organization of F.I.A.C. (Federation of Independent Associations for Cycling) and accepts licenses from F.I.A.C. member organizations A.C.A., O.B.R.A. and C.B.R. Also, accepted are licenses from other countries. The ability category listed on the license will be honored. The clear benefit of this is the substantial increase in racing opportunities for all riders. Racers who choose to seize the opportunity of racing more frequently will indeed have another benefit. The already fast American racing fields will become even faster, pushing each rider beyond his/her limits. What a concept, a grassroots racing program that really works! And yes, there will be another surprise for riders.....FUN!!!

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